It is with great love and respect for our relationship with customers that we created this space where we always revise our policies and procedures. We have dedicated this space to communicate to all customers about our policies and procedures changes for all services at Multitasking Mum. 

It is based on guiding the organization's actions and establishing rules and procedures.

Through our policies, we are able to clarify and standardize the attitude of our employees regarding certain topics such as Payment, Cancellations, Quality of service, Work Safety, Environment, among others.

We appreciate your support.

Cancellation Policy

Dear customers,
Multitasking Mum has a Policy for cancellations, which means we have a fee of 35,00 for these cases:
- All cancellations must be advised 24 hours prior to the cleaning;
- If you forget to let the keys and do not advise before the cleaner arrives;
- If you do not leave the keys accessible;

Payment Policy

The deadline for payment of Multitasking Mum services is 24 hours after you receive the Invoice. We do not give a deadline for payment.


You will receive this invoice from our financial sector and you have 24 hours to make to payment. 

Please, if you need to cancel and reschedule any service, just send a text message to or contact Paloma Pacheco 0416321361,


Or if you are suffering from any financial hardship due to COVID-19 contact us through: