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Aromateraphy x Cleaning

Updated: May 1, 2020

My mother is a holistic therapist for over 35 years in Brazil, a really cool job that can be seen on the "Viver Zen Consultoria Esotérica e Terapias Holísticas" Facebook page is pretty much in my DNA and my brothers' passion for aromatherapy, chromotherapy, feng shui, crystals and many other complementary therapies.


This is no joke or superstition, they really do work.


The aromatherapy and chromotherapy associated with the organization and cleanliness of a room bring incredible and noticeable benefits within seconds of storage.


Multitasking Mum is not just a cleaning company, I put all this holistic knowledge together and put it into this job with great care. It is something really innovative.


Here in Australia I met Cintia @shanti_holistic an excellent holistic therapist who contributed to this beautiful post.

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