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Coronavirus care when returning home.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

  1. Take your clothes and shoes out in the yard (always leave a change of clothes ready when you leave); If you need to bring your clothes inside, put them in a plastic bag;

  2. If possible, wash your hands outside the house;

  3. If you cannot wash your hands before entering, avoid touching things before washing your hands;

  4. Do not greet children, spouses or other people who live in the house before changing clothes and washing hands;

  5. If possible, take a shower as soon as you arrive; Disinfect cell phones, keys and bank cards with 70% alcohol;

  6. Backpacks and bags for daily use should be kept in a box, outside the house;

  7. Clean the packages you brought with a bleach solution (20 ml for each 1 litre of water); Wash food with soap and water and leave it for 10 minutes immersed in a bleach solution (20 ml for every 1 litre of water).

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