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Cleaning tips against coronavirus.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

In our live broadcast this morning through@allstraliaparatodoschannel, we shared a lot of cleaning tips against coronavirus, and we talked about the construction of an indoor clean zone.


Here is a photo of the corner I built in my home.


What do you think?


At the door, before entering my house, I put a cloth damp with bleach, there we take off our shoes and go in with socks.


We go wearing socks on the carpet inside the clean area, take off our socks and put on the slippers that we only use at home.


This rug is not touched by a shoe that comes from the street, which stays on the cloth moistened with sanitary water and from there goes to the bag.


We put the boot in the plastic bag and the shoe holder. In those times, we are only using one pair.


Put the coats in plastic bags as well. Keys, wallets and cell phones are sanitised with 70% alcohol. After all, We go straight to the bathroom, where we store our clothes in plastic bags without even letting them stay on surfaces in this room.

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