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Workplace Safety and
Occupational Health Policy

  Multitasking Mum prioritize the occupational health and Safety of our employees.



When starting a job, Multitasking Mum employees should evaluate the environment where the service will be performed and only start working if they realize it is a safe and healthy environment;

No service can be performed without considering Safety and health first. 


If the employee notices that the environment is inadequate, they must immediately report it to their coordinator and leave;

Any dangerous situation must be reported immediately to the superior;

Multitasking Mum does not clean biological materials (blood, feces, semen), and a qualified company should be contacted;

Multitasking Mum employees do not clean at height, parapets, fountains, swimming pools, etc.



 If a coworker is doing something that could endanger your health, this must be reported immediately to your superior. 

  Multitasking Mum is obliged to: 

Continuously promote information and training;

Identify, evaluate, control and mitigate safety and health risk factors for employees and customers to prevent accidents in all our service activities; 

Provide the necessary means for the exercise of services;

Act permanently in the search for new security methodologies. To our collaborators, their health and well-being and what is most precious. 


  Never put yourself in a risky situation: report to your coordinator, and we will take care of that.

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