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Our children are the most precious thing we have.

I am a mother and I understand exactly the concerns parents experience.

We are here to make you feel safe and secure regarding the care and attention your little one deserves.

We have WWCC (working with children check).



How does our babysitting service work? 

  1. We define the professional profile you require and the job characteristics.

  2. We evaluate issues such as workload, and the potential need to sleep at the client’s house.

  3. We evaluate the children's age, special care and routines, as well as tasks required in the service.

Multitasking Mum’s babysitter profile:

  • Energetic

  • Special needs experience 

  • Preparing nutritious and healthy meals 

  • Creative, flexible, friendly, patient and responsible

  • Passionate about assisting children with their daily routines and homework 

  • Respectful of the parents and their practices in all aspects of their daily life.

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Multitasking Mom's Policy


We have a policy to not expose any pictures of the children we work with,

so in this regard, we will only have pictures of the activities we do with them.