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Carpet Cleaning Policy

  The carpet cleaning and sanitizing services are performed by a qualified professional who will assess the carpet condition on which the work will be carried out.

  Regarding the result, note that: 

The carpet  that will be cleaned will not be a new one;

It will be a clean and sanitized carpet;

Over time, the carpet shows wear stains that will not be possible to remove 

What are these wear stains?

  The fibres will wear out with use. Wear stains do not come out; they are caused by the daily lives of people walking, sitting on the floor, and even passing the vacuum cleaner, which will generate the wear and tear of the fibres. We don't use the carpet uniformly, so you can see a different colour when the carpet is already dry; if your carpet shows wear stains after cleaning, the colour will not be uniform like a new carpet. 

Thank you for understanding!

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