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Have you ever thought about starting a new business?

  We now have Multitasking Mum franchises available.

  Franchising is a business that can be very good for those who don't want to start from scratch. Once you understand franchising, you'll see the system's advantages.

  This is essential for anyone looking for a franchise and wanting to fulfil the dream of owning their own business.

  And I say more - not only fulfilling the dream but having greater chances of success as a franchisee and entrepreneur.
  That's because franchising is a proven model offering support and training.

  For this and other reasons, we say that you will not undertake anything from scratch.

At Multitasking Mum we offer a range of services, 

 and you can franchise each service individually or add as many as you want:

Chemical Cleaning

Eco Cleaning

Cleaning Specialised End of Lease

Carpet Cleaning

Window Cleaning


Home Cooking

Packed Meals... and much more!

The process is usually started
upon first contact with us:

What is a Multitasking Mum Franchise?

  It is a business franchise - it is a business whose operating model is copied and transferred to you.

  We own the trademark rights as we created the initial model. However, once you are one of our franchisees, we transfer franchise know-how.

  The transfer of know-how is nothing more than a CTLR+C and CTLR+V of the business model.

  In other words, everything that involves the management, operation and promotion of the company is copied and transferred to its new business - our “twin” sibling.

  Having a Multitasking Mum franchise basically means that you own a “twin sibling” or clone of our business.

  Process used by Multitasking Mum in franchisee selection.

Franchise Multitasking Mum

Fixed monthly fee:

  You are responsible for what you earn and it will always be the same monthly fee.

  No percentage of work or lead fees with our system.

Stable support structure:

  You are in business on your own, but you are not alone - you are supported by our structure.

You own your zone:

  You have a unique territory where you can build your business - you are in control and we are here to help you build a strong and successful business.

Training and support:

  Initial and ongoing training and support that help you throughout your franchise’s life.

Marketing support:

  We work with you to develop a customised local area marketing plan to help you become #1 in your local area.

Equipment and products are chosen by experts:

  Based on our experience and knowledge, we choose the right equipment and products for your business to ensure your business is more effective and profitable.

Franchisee Induction:

  You learn the skills and what you need to know to help you get your business started to ensure it commences well.

Online accounting, booking and QMS software:

  Cloud-based software that makes running your business simpler and easier, so you spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love.

  • What is a franchisee and its responsibilities?
    1. You will be solely responsible for the results of the franchise; 2. Investing and reinvesting in the business is the franchisee's responsibility. 3. The franchisee will be highly trained, will have access to our administrative manual and all the tools to conduct the business efficiently. However, it is the franchisee's responsibility to ensure management with qualified personnel with an appropriate profile; 4. The franchisee must remunerate the franchisor for the use of the system – payment of royalties; 5. Follow and preserve the rules of the system; 6. The franchisee must contribute to the improvement of the system by providing feedback to the franchisor.
  • What is the franchisor's role?
    The franchisor's role is essential for all standards and processes created for the franchise to be efficient.
  • What is a franchise offering circular?
    In brief, a franchise offering circular is a document including requirements for an initial investment, operating practices, advertising, royalties, and territory. Legally, franchise arrangements are binding agreements between franchisors and franchisees. To determine the structure of their business relationships. Arrangements are typically defined by the number of units offered to a franchisee and the territory development rights included in the contract. Below are four types of agreements franchised businesses commonly form but we offer Single- Unit Franchise. We offer: Single-Unit Franchise Agreement In a single-unit agreement, the arrangement grants the franchisee the right to open and operate a single franchise unit. This type of agreement is the simplest and most frequently used. New franchisors are particularly keen on these franchise arrangements, as they’re an easy way to take the first step into the world of franchising. As time goes on, if a franchisee is prospering, the franchisor can consider the possibility of expanding the contract to include additional units.
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