Do you often get frustrated with the number of hours you spend getting your home clean and tidy?

Often, when we decide to tidy our homes, we become frustrated, angry, and upset with our family members. All of this happens because we are feeling overwhelmed and with a sense of wasted time.

Your hours would be better spent enjoying the other family members, not arguing about who will do which chore this week.

Multitasking Mum is here to help, so you can spend your time enjoying a clean house with your loved ones.

We charge $40 per hour + 10% GST for the cleaning service, and we bring our products.


Weekend fee $45 per hour


How does our cleaning work?


1- We leave the bathroom to soak (we soap the whole bathroom)

2- We start with the last room in the house

3- Removal of dust from the ceiling

4- Cleaning of the switches, doors and skirting boards

5- Dusting of furniture and ornaments before cleaning the floor

6- We make the bed if necessary

7- Collection of trash from the bathroom and kitchen and clean the baskets

8- We vacuum sofas, rugs and carpets

9- mopping

10- Rinsing and drying of the shower

Multitasking Pricelist (2).png

+10% GST


We do not go to your house to quote.  We make price estimates according to your priorities and your size house description.