Why organise your home or office?

Have you ever heard that when your drawers are a mess, your mind could be the same?

You spend most of your life either in your home or in your office, so you have everything to gain from this tidy new lifestyle that Multitasking Mum services can provide.

In addition to changing your environment’s energy, you will change your energy as well. By having everything structured, you can get things done quickly, and that will make you feel more focused and creative.

How does the organisation process work?


  1. We send a questionnaire to understand the client's needs.

  2. Photos of the area to be organised must always be sent so we can quote the job (required hours and price).

  3. After analysing, we devise solutions that will make everyone's life easier, n line with the needs and interests of the residents.

  4. Organisation is different from simply putting things away.

  5. During the organisation process, we work with specific techniques so that the work performed can be successfully maintained. Everything is provided in a simple way for everyone to comfortably understand.

  6. Smartly and practically, we organise: personal lockers, clothes, shoes, makeup, jewellery, kitchen, boxes, albums, toys, towels, bedding, garage and everything else that is necessary.

  7. We always have clients who say that they are embarrassed.  Do not feel like this as we are professionals and are used to seeing what people have at home. we guarantee absolute confidentiality, and no one will know about the intimacy of your family.

  8. At the end of each organisation process, all spaces are labelled. We also offer you an efficient manual as a consultation document so that everyone can understand and map where everything is.