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A little bit about family

One and a half year ago, I made a decision that would completely change my life and the most precious asset that I have "my family".

Even the things in Brazil were terrible, and the country was in a financial crisis, there was a comfort zone, there were my roots.

I had lost my stable job (which is everything that Brazilians struggle the most, for stability).

Then, I started creating a very special business @alicesbraziliansweet, where I made Brazilian cakes, desserts and sweets.

But it was not enough. I had a feeling of not belonging to what I was experiencing. I was tired to fight and didn't see a payback. Crazy right? I wanted more. I needed to offer more to myself and my family.

Now we are filled with hope, courage and infinite love for this country that opened its arms to us. And we are here to tell you how much it was worth !!!

All immigrants know how complicated this process is and sometimes even painful. It tightens the longing for our family and our traditions.

But I like to focus on what is positive. You know that. We are in a transparent country, with opportunities where things work.

Every day I meet incredible people, warriors, who share such extraordinary stories with us.

We were reborn in Australia. We learned to live one day at a time. We need to think outside the box.

We are here with open arms and too happy to be able to make a difference in the Multitasking Mums' lives.

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