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A multitasking mum usual day

1. Getting all her kids to school for drop off.

2. Take them to their first forest friends (see stories so cute!).

3. Take the dogs to walk.

4. Time to pick up from school.

5. Head back to school for a parents meeting.

6. A business meeting with my team.

7. Prepare the dinner and lunch box for the next school day.

8. Make the grocery shop list.

9. Clean the kitchen.

10. Take all the toys spread around the house.

11. Take the kids for a shower and hygiene before going to bed.

12. Read them a classical story.

13. Put them to sleep.

14. Continue to watch my favourite Netflix series.

15. And go to bed with the feeling I didn't do all I need in my day.

Sometimes I feel guilty and tired for don't have enough time to spend with my family, tucked in piles of tasks and duties I have to do every day.

End of story? Noah!

Who told you that you must to do everything you need by yourself?

Why waste your time stressing over housework when you have better things to do?

Relax and let us take care of the chores for you.

Your time is precious.

Ours is affordable.

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