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How to organise the kids' bedroom with their involvement?

If there's one room you wish you could lock up and never look at again, it's probably your kid's room.

So here are some tips to keep it organised:

1. Involve your kids from the beginning. Kids as young as 3 years old really want to participate, and they're really excited to be involved. If kids are involved in organising, they'll feel ownership over the project and more inclined to keep things tidy — or at the very least, they'll know where everything should go.

2. Have kids give you a tour of the room before you start decluttering. I start not by asking kids to choose what should stay or go, but by giving them a chance to look around and show me what's there

3. Talk about how stuff has "a home." I say things like 'Do you want this item to live with you?' or 'Where should we give this a home?' or Can we put that where it lives?

4. Give your kid permission to let go of stuff they really don't want. Try to say that we're giving the item a new home, not just getting rid of it.

5. Start from the bottom up – literally. If they can see where their items' new homes are, they'll make a habit of placing them there.

6. Reinforce their routine with cubbies. Cubbies are a lovely organising tool for kids because it recreates what they're experiencing at school.

7. Count to 10. Games are fun! So when things get messy (as they always do), make cleaning up feel like play.

8. Define boundaries with decor. Add a rug under the table. It visually anchors the room — and their stuff — but creates a mini room within the room. By creating this distinct boundary, it's easier to identify and honour the activities (like, say, glitter crafts) that should only take place in certain spots.

9. Lead by example. Kids mirror what their parents are doing. Sometimes you need to look at yourself and really see if your kids are modelling your behaviour.

And what about you mums? What are your strategies to handle with kids' room organisation? Share on comments.

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