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Home Cooking

Do you need help with meal preparation?

It's quick and easy, you just have to choose:

Count on us!

Step 1:


Cooking in my home


Preparing the meal for pick up or delivery

Step 2:

Select from the following menu:


Brazilian food


High-calorie diet

Low calorie diet.jpg

Low-calorie diet

Meat Variety.jpg

Meat variety

Fish and Chicken.jpg

Fish and chicken



or you choose and create your own menu*.

*Note: the recipes must be sent four days before the service is scheduled so the cook can study them. 

or you may also tell us what you like to eat, informing us of any food allergies.

In this option, we will develop an exclusive menu for your approval.

When cooking at the client's home, the client is responsible for purchasing ingredients and containers and must ensure all ingredients are available before the cook's arrival.

We will send a list of ingredients to you.


When we prepare the meal for pickup or delivery, we buy the ingredients and containers and charge the cook a fee to buy the ingredients at the market (the fee varies from 20 to 60 dollars, depending on the quantity/variety of items). 
We will send you the total cost with your invoice at the end of the service. 
Your cooked meals can be picked up or delivered. In delivery, we will calculate the delivery fee according to the suburb.


Weekends or Public Holidays

Cooking in home

$50/h      $60/h

+10%GST; delivery fee to be calculated


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