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 We thank you all for your interest in our services, and to guarantee quality and efficiency in services and communication, we have a quality policy.

  Multitasking Mum has a service manager. This professional is qualified to assess case by case and, from there, indicate the best service for the client's needs.


Estimated hours

 When our team estimates the hours that will be spent on a job, it guarantees a detailed and quality service, and the estimated hours will be suggested based on the information given to our team before the service.

 Once the tasks start, the hours can be changed to more or fewer hours, and the customer will be communicated with; we expect acceptance so that we can continue.


 When a customer does not accept the time we estimate for the completion of service, and the customer asks to change for fewer hours, a list of priorities will be necessary; we will conclude what will be possible to accomplish. 

  We always try our best to ensure you have an excellent service, but we need time to complete the tasks correctly.

Prepare your home to welcome the cleaners

  The day before your cleaning service, we ask you - our general cleaning clients- to ensure no clothes are lying around the bathroom.

  Your bathroom will be washed with strong cleaning products, and any clothes that can be stained should be away from the toilet.

Note: If you've hired our organising and cleaning service, we will do it for you. We will separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones, keep the clean ones, and take the dirty ones to the laundry.


  Thank you for understanding!

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